• One young student came to us in elementary school with a love of science. We were able to help her advance her studies so that she graduated high school college and enrolled at UC Riverside in premed at the age of 12


  • A borderline autistic student had failed academically in middle school and came to see us in the 7th grade. He graduated as a National Merit Scholarship finalist and received scholarships to four Universities.


  • An 8-year-old student excelled in math throughout the program and our ability to work with her family. She was able to take a calculus course at her local community college and received an A’ grade. She continued with us and graduated high school at 11


  • Some schools our students have been admitted into include: UCLA, UC Riverside (Premed), Cal Tech (Ph.D. program in applied mathematics), USC (Film School), Brown University, Columbia University


The Alexandria Academy is not a new school that happened to go digital during the pandemic. TAA was forged with hard work from Dr. Stacey McEnnon and her efforts over thirty years have earned numerous awards and recognition at the County, State, and National level!

We are proud to see the success of all our students. With a focus on getting each student to achieve their academic dream.
The Alexandria Academy has celebrated the acceptances of each student into their colleges of choice which have included:
Brown University
Stanford University
UC schools
CSU schools
Reed College 
and more!
Most students have been accepted and attended their first choice schools!

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