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A fine education, the ultimate gift a parent can give their children, is not always easy to define. It must match the child’s favored learning style, emotional/creative age, and, most importantly, interests. What works for one child will not necessarily work for another just because they are of the same age. A gifted teacher or educational mentor is able to provide the student with a range of experiences that leave him/her the best chance of following any pathway in life toward success. This goal cannot be accomplished for everyone in a room full of individuals who are gathered together solely based on chronological age.

The very best education can be achieved through three components: reading widely, travel and a strong mentor/student relationship. 

Perhaps the most important element of a fine education is the mentor/student relationship. A mentor needs to be well-versed in many fields of study, not in just one area of learning. A truly well-educated person is able to read with understanding, write with accuracy, understand basic mathematical and scientific principles, and have a basic ability to research, create and present ideas throughout historical and geographic parameters. 

All parents should attempt to find an educational environment, whether it be an actual school or an independent study program, which supplies the aforementioned elements to their children. Some questions to ask are:

  • Is the student allowed to progress at his/her own speed through the curriculum?

  • Are students given opportunities to practice both hands-on and reading activities?

  • Are arts and humanities, historic as well as creative, presented as equally important as STEM subjects?

  • Are languages an integral part of the curriculum?


Our goal is to help you give your child the most comprehensive and individual educational environment that your child deserves!

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