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Head of School's Welcome,


Dr. Stacey McEnnan has been an advocate of education for all of her life.  After completing her Ph.D. in anthropology, she founded her own school, The Alexandria Academy, an independent study program for gifted students, in 1988.  She homeschooled her own two children and then went on to help other students achieve their individual academic goals.  


A former Fulbright scholar in Romania, Stacey holds a BA, two MA’s, a Ph.D. and certification in math and science.  She has written curricula in many subject areas, however, her favorites are math, history, and literature.


Stacey has also worked extensively with the Peace Child organization and, through them, has produced theater throughout the world.  Through the Peace Child musical play, youth from divergent backgrounds come together to explore their similarities and differences and to pass their discoveries along to their audiences.


Dr. Stacey McEnnan
Founder of The Alexandria Academy

Our Philosophy & Mission

~To provide excellence in education to young people in grades 1-12 with a comprehensive and integrated knowledge of the world in which they live.

~To enhance a student’s capacity to study effectively and independently as they grow as an individual.

~To offer a unique variety of independent learning experiences and techniques.

~To help each student develop the skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent research.

~To provide mentored learning while allowing students to take responsibility for some of the content and speed of their own education.

Our History

The Alexandria Academy heavily emphasizes one-on-one mentorship between students and teachers; it also groups students with their intellectual (rather than chronological) peers. Instead of following a curriculum based on age, teachers asses students’ needs in each subject area and apply the needed curriculum. We, soon, found that our approach benefited not just gifted children, but also students with all kinds of academic needs.


Now the Alexandria Academy serves a wide variety of students from ages 5 to 24.

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